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Nursing Agency or Registry
Comparison of Agency and Registry to help you determine what best meets your needs.

Southern Home Health Care
Southern Companions & Nurses
Thoroughly screened and trained caregiver. Thoroughly screened and trained caregiver.
An employee of Southern Home Health Care provides care. Southern Companions & Nurses refers an Independent Contractor to you.
Continuity of care is very important and often your care would be provided by one person (up to 40 hours per week), but there may be occasions when more than one caregiver per week provides service. Generally, if the service you requested is less than 40 hours per week one contractor will provide all hours of service.
The agency pays the employee You pay the contractor directly
The agency is responsible for employee taxes, social security, unemployment compensation and governmental reporting requirements. Employees receive a W-2 at year end. The registry is not responsible for the contractor's federal tax payments, social security, unemployment compensation, or governmental reporting requirements. This is your responsibility.

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